Aegon House building refurbishment

Corporations active in the pension and long term investment market are constantly growing, merging, and taking on new, innovative approaches to providing investment services. AEGON Scottish Equitable is one of the top pensions, protections, investment, and annuities providers in the UK market.

The headquarters’ building control system was originally installed in the early 1990s and needed a facelift. The initial automation package was extensive, with several bespoke systems to manage different areas of the building, making it difficult to fully support or expand. AEGON required a modern control solution which would provide the same degree of customization for the structure’s different functions without necessitating extensive engineering. These requirements were met by a LON based control system that is also easy for the client to maintain in the future due to its open, interoperable standards as well as manageable through AEGON’s chosen front-end management interface, Apogee from Siemens.

The design solution called for the floor controls to be linked via a LonWorks network, installed and managed using LNS, whilst offering a seamless data integration via Siemens LMEC gateways onto a BACnet system which handles the interaction with the central AHU, boilers and chillers. 

A unique challenge of the renovation project was that all work needed to be done while the offices were occupied, meaning the new system had to be installed  mostly at night to avoid disturbing staff or disrupting the business.

During the refurbishment project new lighting controls with modern equipment were installed throughout the headquarters. LONMARK certified InfraLIGHT 200 Series lighting controllers and the InfraLIGHT 100 Series, were deployed throughout AEGON House. These products were chosen particularly for their use of open LonMark standards and Fast Connect™ modular cable adapters, which permitted the system integrator to mount the controllers quickly using existing sensors and luminaire installations. This also reduced the renovation costs for AEGON because existing fixtures could remain intact.

Keay features of Aegon House building refurbishment:

  • Major office headquarters housing 3000+ staff
  • 1500 Networked controls with full BMS integration.
  • Calon lighting controls and specialist room controls.
  • Siemens room controls and BMS
  • Calon software tools, design expertise, training, support.
  • Building remained occupied throughout retrofit.

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