Calon Trusted Partners

Calon was founded in 1997 as a technical consultancy, developing open control products for others and providing specialist controls consultancy and troubleshooting services. Now, Calon have evolved from consultancy to be 100% focussed on the development of new products, which are all manufactured in the UK and open protocol.

Our continual research and development has led to innovative products that have been used on a number of large commercial buildings and major retail chains, in partnership with global BMS solution providers. With the introduction of our latest product ranges, SmartSensor™ and SmartBridge™ we have chosen to launch the Calon Trusted Partner Network.

The Calon Trusted Partner Network provides the basis for the successful use of Calon lighting controls such as SmartSensor™, SmartBridge™ and InfraLIGHT.  The partnership includes commitments from both Calon and the Calon Trusted Partner to form a fair partnership, for joint success in the market.

Any company with a good level of technical ability and familiarity with lighting controls can apply to become a member of the Calon Trusted Partner Network. To become a partner, there is no application fee; however there are two flexible payment options to cover compulsory training costs of employees. See the table below for further information.

What does Calon offer to partners?
  • A fair partnership in the use and marketing of Calon lighting control products
  • Access to appropriate, UK based training programs for product, service and solution concepts
  •  Access to advanced technical support for Calon lighting control products, directly from the team at Calon via phone, email or onsite when required
  • Regular information and updates about new product development and upgrades to existing products
  • Access to use the Calon Trusted Partner Network badge and other Calon marketing materials as stated in the “Calon Trusted Partner Network Branding Agreement”
  • A company listing, including company logo and a web link from the Calon website
  • Business referals and project support when required, where applicable
  • Preferential pricing on Calon lighting control products, even in small quantities
  • The opportunity for Calon Trusted Partner Network projects to be used in marketing materials and events
  • The opportunity for joint marketing campaigns for mutual market success

What does Calon expect from partners?
  • Well established access to the lighting controls market
  • Proactive marketing for Calon lighting control solutions
  • Identification and sale of opportunities in which Calon lighting control products can be used
  • Public image as a member of the Calon Trusted Partner Network
  • Proactive feedback from the partner and end users about Calon lighting control products and developments within the market
  • Dedicated and technically trained employees that have an appropriate understanding of lighting controls, technologies used and the general market
  • Participation in Calon events and training courses
  • Have more than one employee trained in the use of Calon lighting controls, by Calon at all times
  • Provision of information to be used for case studies online, in publications and for events including the agreement of other participants and the end user for free publication of the text and accompanying images
  • Link to the Calon website from the Applicant company website

For more information or to apply, simply click the button below and fill in your details. One of our team will be in touch with you shortly.
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