Loytec Gateways
L-GATE gateways are conceived as universal gateways to map and connect data points from different communication technologies.This mapping and connecting is summarized with the term “Connections”. The configuration tool can create such connections either manually or automatically by using Smart Auto-Connect™.

The L‑INX Automation Servers support the same gateway functionalities as described for the L‑GATE products. Specifically the LINX‑102/ 103 and LINX‑202/ 203 Automation Servers can be used as very cost effective gateway solutions. The LINX‑102/ 103 supports connectivity to LonMark Systems, Modbus, M‑Bus, and
OPC XML‑DA. The LINX‑202/ 203 supports connectivity to BACnet, Modbus, M‑Bus, and OPC XML‑DA. In addition, the L‑INX Automation Servers can integrate physical I/ Os through L‑IOB I/ O Modules. These I/ O data points can also be utilized in the gateway connections. The L‑INX Automation Servers and L‑GATE Gateways are configured with the very same configuration tool. Therefore the work flows are identical.

LOYTECs L‑INX and L‑GATE product offering provides a wide spectrum of gateway solutions for our customers to benefit from the variety and flexibility when picking the most suitable model.

The L-Proxy CEA‑709 multi-port gateway (LP-33E100) is designed to connect separate LonMark systems. Up to five networks can be integrated via two TP/ FT‑10 and three IP‑852 interfaces.

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