The L-MBUS level converters are used to connect an M-Bus network to a L-INX Automation Server. Up to 20 or 80 M-Bus devices can be connected via L-MBUS20 or L-MBUS80.

The L‑ENO EnOcean Interface integrates wireless self-powered sensors and micro-energy devices seamlessly into building automation with the use of L‑INX Automation Servers, the L‑ROC Room Controller, the LIOB-AIR Controllers and the L‑GATE Universal Gateways.

SMI is a bus protocol used to control SMI sunblind motors for shading. Up to 16 motors can be connected to the bus. The L-SMI interface connects an SMI bus to a L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑DALI controller.

The KNX-Interface LKNX-300 allows the LINX‑12x/‌15x/‌22x Automation Servers, the LROC-100 Room Controller, and the LGATE-95x Universal Gateways to interface to KNX devices connected to a KNX TP1 Bus.

The L-WLAN Interface expands a LOYTEC device with a wireless LAN connection.

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