L-INX Automation Servers

L‑INX Automation Servers are automation stations with a high degree of integration and flexibility. They provide solutions
for the following fields of activities:

  • Multi-protocol applications with data points of different technologies: CEA‑709 (LonMark systems), BACnet, KNX,
    Modbus, M‑Bus, EnOcean
  • Direct integration of physical in- and outputs as data points
  • Visualization of data points on PCs or mobile devices with LOYTEC L‑WEB software or in OPC SCADA software bundles
  • Automation of single rooms up to primary plants using IEC 61131 programs
  • Used in environments with increased network security requirements
  • Basic automation functions: Alarming, Scheduling, historical Trending
  • Event- or time-driven e-mail notifications for alarms or historical data
  • Universal gateway for the connection of data points of supported network technologies

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