L-Vis Touch Panels

L-VIS Touch Panels
The Loytec L-VIS touch panels for LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks are ideally suited for visualisation and operation of various applications in building automation.

Along with visualising building systems, L-VIS touch panels can be used as room operator panels, in hospital operation or isolation rooms, conference and reception areas.

The fully customizable user screens can show dynamic pages that are easy to navigate. L-VIS Touch Panels make use of an extremely low power embedded controller platform and operating system. This makes L-VIS resistant against problems when re-booting after power outage and also against any viruses.
L-VIS impresses with its timeless design, harmonic integration into modern and historical architecture, and with its extremely user friendly concept. The shallow installation depth and low thermal power loss allow mounting in almost any location.

The devices are available as 7" or 15" displays, with a framed glass front for a high quality, modern appearance. Glass fronts for the 15" devices are available in silver, black, and white whilst the 7" devices are available in silver and black.

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