L-IOB I/O Controllers

L-IOB I/O Controllers
The L‑IOB I/ O Controller family of products consists of programmable controllers featuring various I/ O configurations. Based
on LOYTEC’s 32-bit L-CORE platform, the L‑IOB I/ O Controllers provide first class performance and a wide area of applications.

The built-in PLC functionality makes the L‑IOB I/ O Controllers a good fit for various control applications in building automation.
Like the L‑INX Automation Servers, the L‑IOB I/ O Controllers are programmed with L‑LOGICAD in 61131‑3. The same
application libraries and application programs can be used on both platforms.

LonMark Models
The LIOB‑18x I/ O Controllers and LIOB‑48x I/ O Controllers communicate in the LonMark sytem via network variables over
TP/ FT‑10 or Ethernet/ IP‑852 respectively. They come with a freely configurable network variable interface and offer up to
256 address table entries.

BACnet/ IP Models
The LIOB‑58x I/ O Controllers adhere to the BACnet Building Controller Profile (B-BC) and communicate over Ethernet/ IP in
the BACnet/ IP network. The I/ O data points can either be exposed through BACnet server objects or be actively fetched by
the L‑IOB I/ O Controllers from a BACnet server via BACnet client maps.

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