Lux Awards 2016

Lux Awards 2016
At the Lux Awards last week, Loytec succeeded in winning the “Industrial and Transport Project of the Year”.
The winning project is the DALI lighting system at Manchester Airport, a successful implementation of modern DALI lighting systems including constant light control and presence detection. The collaboration between Loytec, Calon, Building Environment Control and the team at Manchester Airport has demonstrated what building management systems can achieve in terms of energy efficiency.

The project uniquely links the DALI lighting installation with both the site-wide building management system and also the airport Flight Information system, to dynamically change lighting control mode and operating settings for each departure and arrival gate, according to both the time of day and also the allocation of aircraft to gates.  By combining this with conventional presence-based control and constant-light control, the solution ensures that each area exactly the amount of light that it needs at any particular time, with no excess energy being wasted.  In addition, it helps to control the flow of people throughout the airport, with darker areas that discourage people from entering unoccupied zones and brightly lit areas to indicate zones that are in use. 

Manchester Airport have witnessed staggering energy and operational cost savings following the introduction of the DALI lighting control system. These energy and cost savings are proven and can be monitored following the integration of the lighting system with the site-wide BMS.

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