Routers L-IP / L-SWITCH/ NIC
The L-IP Routers of the type ECTC (successors of LIP‑1ECTB, LIP‑3ECTB, LIP‑33ECTB) and also LIP‑3333ECTB connect twisted pair channels (TP/ FT‑10 or TP/ XF‑1250) with the Ethernet/ IP channel (IP‑852) in LonMark Systems. L-IP routes CEA‑709 packets through an IP based network such as a LAN (Ethernet), an Intranet, or even the Internet.

In order to provide optimal router configurations, the L-IP is available in four different versions providing either 4 x TP/ FT‑10, 2 x TP/ FT‑10, 1 x TP/FT10, or 1 x TP/ XF‑1250. Every L-IP supports the operating modes “Smart Switch Mode” and “Configured Router Mode”.

The L‑SwitchXP is the solution for interconnecting multiple twisted pair channels (TP/ FT‑10 or TP/ XF‑1250 channels) in LonMark Systems. It provides up to five ports and routes packets between these ports. The L‑SwitchXP router delivers first class performance and flexibility in use. In order to provide the optimal router configuration, the L‑SwitchXP comes with two, three, or five ports and two operating modes “Smart Switch Mode” and “Configured Router Mode”.

LOYTEC NICs are the most universal network interfaces for CEA‑709 and IP‑852 (Ethernet/ IP) channels. Based on LOYTEC’s Core Technologies, they offer high packet rates and short response times. All NICs are fully compatible with products like NL220, ALEX, LonMaker®, and other LNS® applications. The NICs are also compatible with NodeUtil32, NLUtil, OPC servers, and high performance ORION
applications. The multiplexed network interface (MNI) support allows starting multiple LNS® or MIP applications to run in parallel with an LPA on a single network interface.

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