Retail Lighting - Shell forecourt lighting solutions

Maintaining an adequate external lighting level in the fuel retailing environment is essential for safety and ensuring an attractive and welcoming image for customers.   The use of lighting controllers that dim the external lighting at night can result in a dark and unpleasant atmosphere on the forecourt, whilst lighting controllers that rely on switching according to ambient light level often switch lights all the lights on at the same time, wasting energy and doing little to decrease costs.

Calon worked closely with a leading filling station operator to develop a cost-effective solution to these issues.  In over 1000 filling stations across Europe, Calon supplied advanced networked lighting controllers that maintain a safe and pleasant image, whilst reducing energy consumption and cost by an average of 24% compared to the previously installed solution.

The InfraLIGHT™ solution provides eight separate channels of lighting, which are individually controlled according to ambient light conditions, bringing different components of the external lighting into use as the natural daylight decreases. 

Advanced web-based remote diagnostic facilities allow faults to be identified before a maintenance technician visits the site, ensuring the right diagnosis is made and that the appropriate parts are available to facilitate a first-time fix.

The technologies underpinning InfraLIGHT have now been developed to bring the new SmartBridge™ range from Calon.  SmartBridge provides a highly flexible lighting solution to a wide range of DALI lighting applications.  Designed for retail, commercial and educational facilities, SmartBridge integrates seamlessly with all building management systems, while setup and commissioning is achieved via a web interface that can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Key Features of the Calon solution for forecourt lighting:

  • Networked, web-enabled lighting controls installed to 600+ filling stations
  • Standardised controls package supplied in kit form ready for rapid installation
  • 25%  reduction in overall energy usage for lighting
  • Rapid payback
  • Remote servicing and diagnostics via web interface resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs

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